Self-water pots are a modern solution for plant lovers looking for a hassle-free way to keep their plants hydrated. If you’re a busy person who is always rushing out the door to work or is busy with kids, our self-watering pots in Australia are the perfect solution.

Explore our Selection of Self-Watering Pots in Australia

Self-watering pots have a built-in reservoir at the bottom to store water. It’s separated from the soil by a perforated platform allowing water to seep into it, keeping it moist. Once the soil dries out, it draws water from the reservoir, allowing your plant access to water without overwatering or underwatering it.

Our range of self-watering planters and pots includes:

  • Greenlife Circular Self-Watering Plastic Pots — Style your balcony, deck and yard in no time with a 4-pack of Self Watering Plastic Pots. Water from the top initially, then once the water reservoir dries out, top the water at the bottom. We have carefully selected slate grey and white pots to enhance your outdoor space. Alternatively, choose from our individual self-watering pots in different sizes. 

  • Greenlife Self-Watering Plastic Planter Box — If you’re looking to plant a tree, floral display, vegetables or herb garden, our Self-Watering Plastic Planter Box has a whopping 60 litres of soil capacity and 17-litre water storage reservoir to make your life a little easier!

  • Greenlife Mobile Vege Patch with Self-Watering Pot — Find the perfect sunny spot in your outdoor area with this mobile, self-watering planter with its climbing trellis for your flowers or vegetables to grow and thrive.

  • Growing Planter Pots with Self-Watering Pots — From our Tomato Tower 3 Tier with Self-Watering Pot to our Maze Recycled Plastic Potato Growing Planter Pot, our customised pots will see your garden flourish with fresh produce.

  • Greenlife Self-Watering Mobile Planter Boxes with Greenhouse — If you lack the space for traditional gardening, our mobile planter boxes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use to grow healthy foods and colourful, thriving plants. Includes netting for outdoor plants to protect them from the sun’s UV rays. An optional leg kit bundle is available to avoid knee and back strain.

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