Glowpear Urban Garden Planters

Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers at home with easy to use, modular, self watering planters.

Designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the urban environment, no space is too large or small for Glowpear self watering pots.


Glowpear planters combine innovative design features with robust construction, creating the perfect solution for either indoor or outdoor use.


Glowpear Self Watering

Ensure your plants thrive with the Glowpear low maintenance, self-watering system.

Some of us love watering plants, while others couldn't think of anything worse. Whether plant watering once a day, once a week, or never, the Glowpear Urban Garden has a solution to suit your lifestyle.

Plant watering can be achieved either directly through the soil, or periodically top up the reservoir via the fill point.


The Glowpear self-watering system helps to ensure plants thrive in all conditions with a minimum of fuss. The Glowpear Urban Garden has been designed with fill points at either end of the planter to facilitate easy filling of its built-in water reservoir. This water is then drawn up into the planter by natural capillary wicking action, watering your plants as they need it via their root system.

Glowpear Self Watering Animation


Glowpears are designed with the flexibility to compliment your lifestyle. Accordingly, there are four options for watering your Glowpears:

  1. Via rainwater if exposed to the elements.
  2. Manually water the soil with a garden hose, drip system or watering can.
  3. Manually fill the water reservoir via the fill point.
  4. Clip on a hose and irrigate directly into the reservoir.

Whichever option you choose, Glowpear’s innovative self-watering technology ensures excess water is collected and released over time so your plants receive constant attention and nourishment.

The Glowpear Urban Garden comes with a convenient water level indicator that rises and falls in tandem with the water reservoir. When the water reservoir is full the water level indicator will sit upright revealing the green walls of the indicator. Conversely, when you see the indicator lowering to become flush with the top surface, the water reservoir is low so it’s time to add water.

Glowpear Watering Steps