Keep your garden looking neat and tidy with our Garden Edging products. Landscape edging creates a crisp, clean look by emphasizing lines around your garden features. Lawn edging prevents grass from invading your garden beds, and likewise keeps the soil and mulch in your garden beds where it should be.

Our Steel Garden Edging is available in quality anti-rust colour bonded or galvanised steel, is durable and doesn’t require any pegs.

Plastic Garden Edging is made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic, is available in multiple colours and is UV treated for a longer life. Plastic Garden Pegs can be used to fix it in place.

Both our Steel Garden Edging and our Plastic Garden Edging are strong, flexible, and can be used around paths, trees, flowerbeds and lawns.

Edging the lawn couldn’t be easier; our garden edging products not only look great but are easy to install. Get creative by curving your border edging to create different shapes for your flower beds, or keep to straight crisp lines for a more structured garden.