Explore Greenlife’s range of Corten steel garden beds

Transform your garden with the durability and aesthetics of our raised Corten steel garden beds. Greenlife is constantly on the lookout for practical and affordable garden products, and our line of raised garden beds made of Corten steel is the perfect addition for those looking for something different from the usual garden pots, planters and baskets.

Why you should choose Corten steel garden beds

Corten Weathering steel develops a protective layer of rust over time as a reaction to changing weather conditions. Fortunately, this layer of rust is safe and even beneficial for your garden plants! The rust contains healthy amounts of iron, manganese, copper and nickel that will nourish healthy plants so you can enjoy the sturdiness of steel without worrying about toxins.

These steel garden beds won’t ever require a fresh coat of paint. Even better, the rust adds charm to the look of your raised steel garden beds, making them one-of-a-kind additions. And because the steel garden beds are raised, they are great for drainage, so there’s no water pooling that could rot the roots of your plants.

Overall, we love Corten steel garden beds because they are easy to install and maintain, cost-effective and durable! With many sizes available, you will surely find the perfect garden bed for your space.

Greenlife invites you to discover the perfect balance of functionality and style for your outdoor space by browsing our collection of weather-resistant raised steel garden beds.

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When you upgrade your supplies with Greenlife, creating the beautiful garden of your dreams is easy. We’re your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs. Invest in your garden today by purchasing our raised steel garden beds — and enjoy materials that will last you through every season.