The iconic Garden Shed! Making your life easier and your home cleaner! For Aussie families, it’s a place to store our most prized possessions and hide the eyesores. Additionally, it’s a place to keep chemicals and tools out of reach from little hands and paws. It is also a place to keep our toys, bikes, bins and tools safe and secure.

Regardless of what you are looking for, chances are we have a steel storage shed that will be ideal for you. From bike storage solutions, to pool pump covers and the compact outdoor storage solutions, we have a vast array of designs, in all sizes, with multiple colour options to help you get the storage shed you are looking for.

The StoreMate’s range offer unobstructed dual entry access makes it one of the most versatile storage solutions on the market. Ideal not just for general household storage but the perfect solution for housing the pool pump and filtration system, providing an effective and easy to access garbage bin stowaway, a wood box or an affordable, lockable bike shed, add shelves and hooks and you have a lockaway solution for your power tools or golf clubs, if you can think of it chances are StoreMate can store it.

The Slimline Yardsaver range is the ideal storage solutions for modern urban living or where space is tight. The range is perfect for storing everything from your basic gardening tools and mower right through to bikes, and larger household items, add shelves and hooks and you can transform these sheds into the ideal outdoor storage cupboard with tonnes of load capacity. Free up space inside your home today.

When size matters (storage size that is)! You should consider the Yardsaver Spacemaker range.
Bigger sheds for bigger toys and tools, you can even add a bench in some of these and create a compact workspace for those times you need a little time out of the house. The Spacemaker range has been designed to provide a big storage space without taking up too much real estate.

Big Storage Sheds for Big Storage Needs! The Yardsaver Maxistore Range is all about the upsize.
Bigger than Texas? Well not quite but seriously big sheds with wide openings to fit in some of your bigger stuff. You’ll get the ride on in most of these and still have room for a workbench, Mini urban warehouse for the toys and tools through to a man cave for that backyard getaway. Why not install a skylight and shelving to maximise your new space.