Bring your walls to life with our range of Vertical Garden Kits. Perfect for courtyards, balconies, fences and feature walls. A vertical garden, also known as a living wall, is a great way to add life and colour to your home. We supply several types of vertical garden kits to suit your budget and style.

The Maze 5 Pot Vertical Garden Kit comes with a frame and 5 pots. You can combine multiple kits together for larger formations. Each unit comes with pots that can easily click into the sturdy frame and like the frame itself, be oriented in a choice of directions. Each pot also contains a reservoir overflow system to enable efficient watering of your plants and herbs. Just water the top planter and excess water makes its way directly to the reservoirs of lower planters without the need to drip through soil. We offer a discount for buying multiple vertical garden kits.

Glowpear Mini Wall planters make for a stylish extremely practical vertical garden. They are big enough to house plants traditional sized vertical garden kits cannot. Self watering and engineered for edibles they are a great way to start a vege garden in tight urban confines.

The Takasho Felt Vertical Garden Wall is a fantastic way to create a living wall on a budget. This clever felt pocket system can be easily hung on a wall and joined together. Each felt pocket is lined for moisture retention and reinforced for strength. We supply two sizes - a 3 pocket kit that features larger individual pockets joined by S hooks and a 6 pocket kit that has all pockets sewn onto the same backing. You won't find these at Bunnings!

Easy to install and maintain, Vertical Gardens are perfect for herbs, plants or flowers and are sure to liven up any space they occupy.