Greenlife Mobile Vege Patch with Self Watering Pot - Terracotta

Grow your own delicious vegetables and beautiful flowering plants with the Greenlife Mobile Vegetable Patch. This mobile, self-watering urban garden planter with climbing trellis makes home growing easy.

The two rollers and handle feature allows urban gardeners to find the perfect sunny patch in your backyard, courtyard, balcony or anywhere your house. It holds up to 40 litres of potting soil, and includes an extra large 12 litre water storage zone with a self-watering pot that ensures your plant will continue to get all the water they need, even if you are not around to water them.

Sectional trellis panels can be added as plants grow, and will support growth up to 1.3 metres tall. Made from durable polypropylene, the Mobile Vegetable Patch is built to last season after season.

It is quite compact in size so it is ideal for those with limited growing space, such as balconies, patios and verandahs.

  • Self Watering Pot
  • Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors
  • 12L Water Storage Capacity
  • Suitable for most climbing plants
  • 1.3m high support frame
  • Includes wheels and handle for easy relocation
  • Ideal for balconies, courtyards and patios

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Type: Pots & Planters

Vendor: Greenlife



  • Dimensions Assembled: 1350 x 750 x 350mm
  • Pot: 360 x 740 x 360mm
  • Frame: 1300mm High (Extendable)
  • 12L Water Storage Capacity
  • 40L Soil Capacity

Assembly Instructions

Download Greenlife Mobile Vege Patch Assembly Instructions

Growing Tips

  • Use one of our Greenhouses to protect and accelerate the growth of your plants
  • Fertilise regularly
  • To help keep the soil moist for optimum growing conditions, particularly whilst plants are young, we recommend gentle watering of the soil from above to keep water levels at the maximum.
  • When not in use disassemble and store away ready for next year's crop

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