Tap Timers are a great way to ensure your garden gets the right amount of water when it needs it. To keep your plants healthy and your water bill down we have three types of timer available:

The Orbit Mechanical Tap Timer is a simple, cheap and straight forward way to control the length of time your plants get watered for. Simply connect it between your hose and tap, wind up the dial for how long you want to water your plants and when the time is up it will stop watering.

For more control we have the Orbit Automatic Tap Timerturn your tap into a programmed sprinkler system in minutes! You can set the timer for when you want the tap to turn on and off, set the duration to water for and the interval for how frequently you want to water your garden. It's simple to program and has a long battery life.

Our top of the line Galcon Automatic Bluetooth Tap Timer gives you complete control over your watering system and can be operated via a free smartphone app for iOS and Android. It includes advanced features like a rain sensor that can shut down your watering if rain is detected along with a full range of programming options that can be done from your phone or on the unit itself.

A tap timer is the ideal companion to our Sprinklers and Irrigation kits. Never worry about forgetting to water your garden again!