Greenlife Self-Watering Mobile Planter Box with Greenhouse & Netting

The Greenlife Mobile Planter Box with Greenhouse is the perfect solution for growing healthy foods and beautiful plants.

Whether you lack the space and soil quality for traditional gardening or want to supplement your gardening efforts, the Greenlife Mobile Planter Box boasts agronomic design and ample growing capacity. 

Constructed from polypropylene, it’s as attractive as it is durable. This sturdy material stands up to the elements, while its fade-resistant properties protect the container from the sun’s UV rays. The Mobile Planter Box is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The planter box is equipped with its own water storage reservoir, which means you’ll never over- or under-water again, while its soil retainer allows for proper drainage.

Our Mobile Planter Box has been designed to be modular by nature. It has the ability to incorporate a grow frame and frost protection cover, as well as sturdy risers to guide and support your plants upward growth.

Dimensions Assembled: L 80cm x  W 40cm x H 118cm

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Type: Pots & Planters

Vendor: Greenlife



  • Self-watering pot with 16L Water Reservoir
  • Removable castor wheels for mobility
  • 2 Tier extendable growing frame
  • Includes separate PE Greenhouse Cover and protective Mesh Netting Cover 
  • 50 Litre soil capacity
  • Optional raised legs available (sold separately)
  • Two metal eyelets in the top of the greenhouse cover
  • Watering hole cover


  • Dimensions Assembled: L 80cm x  W 40cm x H 118cm

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