Grow your organic herbs and vegetables using a Greenlife raised garden bed. We have a wide selection of timber, steel, metal and plastic raised garden beds to suit any size outdoor space.

The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

There are many benefits to growing vegetables in raised garden beds:

  • Better soil drainage — Raised beds provide good aeration and drainage for your plants, perfect if you live in an area with heavy rain or have soil with poor drainage.

  • Improved soil quality — Control the soil quality in your raised garden bed by adding compost or fertiliser to ensure your plants have the best possible growing conditions.
    • Easier access — Raised garden beds are at an ergonomic height that’s comfortable to reduce back strain, which is particularly beneficial for older gardeners or those experiencing mobility issues.
    • Reduced weed growth — Keep your garden neat and organised using clean, loose soil to control weeds easily. Raised garden beds can also be covered with weed barrier fabric to reduce the amount of weeding you must do.
    • Boosted productivity — With more control over the soil quality and growing conditions, raised garden beds can be more productive for plant growth than traditional garden plots. You can also plant more closely together to maximise your space.
    • Better pest control — Keep the critters off your treasured veggies with raised garden beds covered with netting or covers to reduce the need for pesticides.

    Browse our Range of Raised Garden Beds in Australia

    At Greenlife, we have a range of raised garden beds in Australia to choose from to suit your needs:

    • Square Garden Bed — For those with limited space or less time to dedicate to gardening, a Square Garden Bed is an easy way to start a home vegetable garden or grow your favourite flowers.
    • Slimline Raised Garden Bed — The Slimline Raised Garden Bed is perfect for narrow areas such as down the side of the house.
    • Large Raised Garden Bed — For the more devoted gardener, a Large Raised Garden Bed will give you plenty of room and opportunity to produce fresh and organic home-grown vegetables all year round. Feed the family from your own backyard!
    • Patio Garden Bed — The Patio Garden Bed has a base ideal for hard surfaces like courtyards and balconies.
    • Greenlife Corten Steel Garden Bed — Add some rustic tones to your garden with the Greenlife Corten Steel Garden Bed. The naturally aged look makes it one of the newly popular materials for your garden.
    • Classic Greenlife Garden Bed — Our classic 1200 x 900 x 300 Greenlife Garden Bed is an industry standard found in backyards all across Australia. We have sold thousands of these through Aldi and designed the Drop-Over Greenhouse especially for it.
    • Drop-over Greenhouse — Extend your growing season by combining your Greenlife Garden Bed or Patio Garden Bed with a Drop-Over Greenhouse to protect your vegetable garden from harsh weather conditions. 
    • Sprinklers and Tap Timers — Never worry about forgetting to water your plants with the Orbit Garden Bed Watering Kit and one of our Automatic Tap Timers, designed to work with all of our garden beds and raised planters.

    Buy Raised Garden Beds in Australia from Greenlife Today

    At Greenlife, our team always looks for the latest and greatest garden trends to transform your outdoor space into a garden oasis.

    With over 20 years of industry expertise, we believe buying raised garden beds in Australia will elevate any outdoor space. From Ergo Raised Garden Beds to Raised Garden Planters and Glowpear Self-Watering Planters, we have it all under one roof.

    If you have any questions, contact our team, who would be delighted to assist.