Our planter boxes for sale will add charm and greenery to your patio, balcony or backyard. They come in various sizes and shapes, making them a versatile choice for anyone sprucing up their outdoor space.

Explore Greenlife’s Plant Boxes for Sale

Greenlife Designer Metal Planter Boxes in Australia is a modern garden planter that adds style to any backyard, patio, courtyard or balcony. Our rectangular planter boxes are an attractive alternative to fencing or can be used to create divisions and borders.

Made from quality anti-rust steel, the sturdy planter is ideal for growing your flowers, plants or herbs. Our collection includes:

  • Square Planter Boxes — If you have a small balcony or courtyard, our compact square planter boxes with base measures 340 x 340 x 400mm and can fit almost anywhere. It comes in clean, crisp charcoal, slate grey or vibrant white and is suitable for artificial or real plants.
  • Rectangular Planter Boxes — With drainage holes in the base and bottom corners, our rectangular planter boxes can be used as fencing with bamboo or create divisions and borders to separate outdoor areas. Place beside a statue or against the wall to maximise your space.
  • Greenlife Metal Designer Planter Boxes & Composite Seat — Short on space? Why not combine your outdoor seating with plants? This stylish, functional seat has two square planter boxes, one on each end, connected by a low-maintenance, wood-grain composite seat.
  • Greenlife Patio Raised Garden Bed with Plastic Base — No matter your gardening experience, our Patio Raised Garden Bed with Plastic Base is perfect for planting herbs, fruits or a veggie patch from the comfort of your deck, patio, courtyard or balcony.
  • Greenlife Square Leg Raised Planter Boxes — Freshen up any outdoor space with our Raised Planter Boxes and prevent body aches and pains from bending.

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    At Greenlife, we believe anyone can have a green thumb with the right tools under their belt. Buy plant boxes from Greenlife and reinvent your outdoor space for the perfect outdoor entertainment area for your guests.

    Our pots, planters and baskets come in various designs to optimise your outdoor space. If you have any questions, contact our team, who would be happy to assist.