Greenlife Worm Box In-Ground Micro Composter & Worm Farm for Gardens

The Greenlife Worm Box In-Ground Mini Composter is the perfect addition to any in-ground garden or raised garden bed, garden planter or any garden application with enough depth for the Worm Box (32cm). 

Hidden in the soil, all the composting is done below ground. The Worm Box creates your own worm farm and allows the worms and their nutrients to interact directly with the surrounding garden bed soil and dirt. All you have to do is top up the Worm Box with organic food scraps and garden waste and the worms do their wonderful wormy thing and convert that organic matter into rich worm poo and worm juice.

The worm juice leaches out the holes and into the surrounding garden, bringing increased soil moisture, microbiology and fertility for very little effort on your part.

Having an operational worm farm in your urban garden creates fun for the whole family, but more importantly it educates our kids, friends and family about sustainability and being environmentally conscious. Positive vibes all around!

Organics that can be used to fill the Worm Box include vegetable peelings, fruit scraps, onions and citrus (smaller amounts), tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, green vegetable leaves, paper scraps and newspaper.

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Type: Composters

Vendor: Greenlife



  • Dimensions assembled: 270L x 270W x 350H mm
  • Box section size: 270L x 270W x 310H mm
  • Organic food scrap recycle and compost system
  • Holes in the panels and base for worms to move freely in and out of the box section
  • BPA Free
  • 15 litre capacity
  • Simple set up
  • Ideal for vegetable garden beds
  • Lid keeps dogs and animals out
  • Recommended for 500 live worms (not included)

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 Frequently Asked Question:

Q: "Do you need to put "bedding" in the bottom of the worm box or simply put the worms (and food scraps) straight in?  With a regular worm farm, you need "bedding" in and I am wondered if this method is the same."

A: As this is not a regular worm farm, our Greenlife Worm Box has been designed so the worms can enter for food and exit to live in the soil/raised garden bed via the various holes in the panels and base. You’re welcome to put bedding in if you like however it may prevent the worms exiting the base of the worm box to go back into the soil.


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