Orbit Max High Flow 2 Hour Metal Mechanical Tap Timer for Gardens

The Orbit Max High Flow Metal Mechanical Tap Timer works just like an egg timer. Twist the dial to the desired watering duration up to 2 hours and the timer will turn itself off.

The mechanical operation requires no batteries and makes this one of the easiest and quickest timers to use. 

It has a large dial with both timed watering and manual watering options. Timed watering can be set from 15 to 120 minutes.

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Type: Sprinkler Controls

Vendor: Orbit



  • No programming - simply turn the dial
  • 2 Hours / 120 minute maximum
  • Range of 15 to 120 minutes
  • Large dial with on/off or timed watering
  • Mechanical operation, requires no batteries
  • Changes your garden tap into an automatic sprinkler location
  • Ideal for lawns and gardens
  • Durable high impact metal construction
  • Blue, Silver & Black
  • Product code: 94012

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