Tumbleweed Premium Compost Accelerator

The Tumbleweed Premium Compost Accelerator is perfect for speeding up the decomposition of organic materials for a rich compost.

The Compost Accelerator is a natural blend of minerals and microorganisms that activate the contents of your compost bin and speed up the process for finished compost in less time.

Suitable for composting all types of organic matter in your compost bin, to produce balanced and nutrient-rich humus.

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Type: Composters

Vendor: Tumbleweed



  • Keeps your worm farm and compost sweet and healthy
  • Specially selected blend of natural minerals
  • Balances pH levels in your worm farm and compost bin
  • Neutralises acidity
  • Helps worms digest larger quantities of food waste
  • Helps reduce odours
  • Assists on the control of pest infections


  • Shaker top plastic bottle H23cm x 7cm diameter
  • 850 net

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