Maze Worms Direct - 1000

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Compost Worms Direct from the worm farmer to your door.

Quality mix of Red, Blue & Tiger Worms. Contains a blend of capsules (eggs), babies, juvenilles and adult breeding worms. Ideal for use in Worm Farms, compost bins, enviro toilets or in the garden if conditions are moist and well mulched.

These high quality worms are packed and sent straight to your door from the worm farm. Our worms are ideal for use in Backyard Worm Farms .These worms can be fed anything that was once living except meat, onions and citrus is NOT recommended.

Compost Worms are natures great little recyclers. Let the Compost worms do the work for you. The outcome is great Chemical Free fertiliser that can be used in your garden and at the same time you are recycling your kitchen waste.

Suitable amount to top up an existing worm farm or start off a new Worm Farm.

1000 worms would be sufficient to start a worm farm for a SMALL amount of household green waste being generated ie. 1 to 2 person household.

As a general rule Compost Worms will consume half their body weight in food scraps per day.

DISPATCHED ONCE A FORTNIGHT ONLY - Delivery time will average a few days but can take up to 2 weeks. As worms come direct from grower they will be sent separately and usually only at the beginning of each week.

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Type: Compost Bin

Vendor: Maze

SKU: MW1000



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