Maze Balance Premium Polycarbonate Greenhouse 8' x 8' - Silver Frame

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The Maze 8′ x 8′ Silver Frame Greenhouse has been designed to provide your plants, fruit and vegetables etc with the optimum biological conditions in which to flourish all year round. 

Each wall panel has been manufactured from virtually unbreakable, crystal clear polycarbonate and UV protected to guard against the harsh Australian sun.

The roof panels are even more impressive boasting a twin wall polycarbonate construction for the transmission of soft, diffuse light.

Other features include a galvanized steel base, strong aluminium frame (powder coated green for increased protection), extra support beams for added strength and roof vents for optimum air circulation.

Type: Greenhouses

Vendor: Maze



8′ x 8' Greenhouse

  • UV protected polycarbonate panels- virtually unbreakable
  • Twin wall polycarbonate roof panels to diffuse the harsh midday sun
  • Clear polycarbonate wall panels to allow over 90% light transmission while blocking harmful UV sun rays
  • Rust resistant durable aluminum frame
  • Galvanized steel base for maximum stability, alignment, and strength
  • Manual vent window to allow for proper humidity and ventilation levels.
  • Sliding panel assembly system
  • Extra support beams for added strength
  • Low threshold , hinged wide and high double doors for easy access
  • Built-in gutter system to channel and easily collect rainwater
  • All weather-proof materials to allow years of durability
  • Maintenance free


8′ x 8' Greenhouse

  • Dimensions Assembled: 247 x 244 x 229cm
  • Weight: 60.6kg
  • Door Dimensions: 192.5 x 114.5cm
  • Wind Resistance: 90km/h
  • Snow Load: 75kg/m²
  • Roof Panel Light Transmission: 82%
  • Wall Panel Light Transmission: 90%
  • Roof Panel Thickness: 4mm
  • Wall Panel Thickness: 0.7mm
  • Frame color: Silver (non powder-coasted)
  • Maze Item Number: MG-BS8P8
  • Palram Item Number: 704752
  • Country of Origin: Israel
  • Warranty: 5 Year

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