Lechuza Self Watering Pot - YULA

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With harmonious pastel colors, matt surfaces and clean forms, the YULA Planter can be integrated into any interior. You're plants don't even have to be re-potted, but can remain in their nursery pot. The irrigation system provides the plants with a constant supply of water and ensures that they are optimally supplied over a longer period of time. This means that constant watering is no longer necessary and nothing stands in the way of a weekend getaway - simply fill up the water reservoir and the plants take care of themselves for several days.

Each set includes 1 x YULA Planter, 1 x planter liner and 1 x wick irrigation system

Type: Pots & Planters

Vendor: Lechuza Planters

SKU: ML13862


The proven LECHUZA wick system
  • With wick irrigation system
  • No repotting necessary. Simply place store-bought herbs and flowering plants with their nursery pot into the planter
  • Food safe




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