Lechuza Self Watering Planter Box - Glossy CUBE Triple

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LECHUZA's Glossy CUBE Collection brings modern glamour to the living area. The planters' high-quality lacquered surfaces are gleaming eye-catchers and give rooms an elegant touch. The trend-setters not only look classy, but also impress with their integrated watering system, which reliably takes care of the plants.

With an elongated shape, the Lechuza Glossy CUBE Triple can be used to make the ideal herb garden on the window sill, succulent garden on the living room shelf, or as a general display for flowering plants.

The high-gloss surface is a modern contrast to green houseplants or graceful flowers and turns the Lechuza Glossy CUBE Triple into a plant pot that attracts attention.

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Type: Pots & Planters

Vendor: Lechuza Planters

SKU: ML13670


  • Ideal for the cultivation and display of herbs and flowers
  • Wick irrigation system
  • Interchangeable planter liner
  • Water level indicator
  • Shatter proof
  • Ultra light
  • UV Resistant



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