Greenlife Salad Grower with LED Light - 8 Pot

The Greenlife Salad Grower with LED Lighting is a soil free solution to home gardening. The kit contains all necessary equipment needed to setup a self-regulating hydroponic growing system.

Plants are grown in a nutrient rich growing solution rather than traditional soil or potting mix.

The grow system is productive due to the LED Lighting. The unique LED technology provides the plants with enough light to grow whilst consuming minimal electricity. The lighting system’s full spectrum white light, replicating natural sunlight, is perfect for promoting plant growth and development.

The system can provide home harvested food within a month of set-up. All you need to add is water and seeds or seedlings, and then watch it grow!

DIMENSIONS [L x W x H]: 560 x 290 x 405mm

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Type: Herb Grower

Vendor: Greenlife



  • Energy efficient twin LED growing lamps
  • Self-watering design
  • No traditional soil or potting mix needed
  • Mess free removable growing baskets
  • Perfect for indoor gardening
  • Low maintenance


  • DIMENSIONS [L x W x H]: 560 x 290 x 405mm

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