Greenlife Self-Watering Salad Grower with LED Lights and 8 Pots - White

The Greenlife Salad Grower with Twin LED Lighting is a innovative new product for growing your own salad, lettuce, herbs and other edible plants. It doesn't matter how much gardening experience you have, anyone can use this DIY growing product!

Seeds, seedlings or plants are grown in water or nutrient rich growing solution (sold separately). You can use a number of soil mediums including soil and potting mix.

The Salad Grower with Twin LED Lamp system is productive due to the twin LED Lamps which are designed to sit directly your plants for optimal growth. The unique LED grow light technology provides the plants with enough light to grow whilst consuming minimal electricity. The lighting system’s full spectrum white light, replicating natural sunlight, is perfect for promoting plant growth and leaf development.

The system can provide home harvested food within a month of set-up. All you need to add is water, soil or potting mix and seeds or seedlings, and then watch it grow!

Instructions as follows:
  • Plant up the growing baskets using soil, potting mix, rockwool, grow rock, coco fibre/coir, perlite, or other hydroponic growing mediums
  • Plant your seeds in the soil or growing medium. If you have small seedlings they can be directly planted into the growing baskets and topped up with soil or growing medium
  • Fill the Salad Grower with water so it half-full, you can do this with or without the top plate being in place. Ensure the plugs are installed on the ends
  • Lower the top plate and/or growing baskets into position. Remove one of the baskets to check the water level and fill accordingly so it’s not higher than the top of your soil/growing medium. This should be enough water for a few weeks, but it’s always advised to check the water based on surrounding temperatures
  • Once ready, plug in and turn the lamp on. Optimum lamp time is 8 to 14 hours
  • Prune as required, the leaves shouldn’t touch the light

    DIMENSIONS [L x W x H]: 560 x 290 x 405mm

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Type: Herb Grower

Vendor: Greenlife



  • Easy to setup and use
  • Ideal for all levels of gardening experience
  • Eight large removable growing pots
  • Energy efficient twin LED growing lamps
  • Self-watering design
  • On/Off switch
  • Soil or potting mix can be used, or other hydroponic growing mediums (sold separately)
  • Perfect for indoor gardening
  • Create your own discovery garden
  • Low maintenance
  • Plugs included for easy drainage or plumbing to link multiple kits


  • DIMENSIONS [L x W x H]: 560 x 290 x 405mm

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