Greenlife Kitchen Herb Grower - 2 Pot - White

The Greenlife Kitchen Herb Grower is an innovative way of bringing urban gardening right to your window sill, apartment, unit, kitchen, office, workplace, or classroom.. The self-watering container is the answer to watering your plants if you are going away on holiday or just want to save time; as the plants will absorb only the water they need from the reservoir.

The Greenlife Kitchen Herb Grower is made up of a window-sill sized tray in which sit smartly-designed, contemporary baskets. The Kitchen Herb Grower is ideal for most popular culinary herbs, Sweet Basil, Chives, Italian Plain Leaf Parsley and Coriander all grow brilliantly.

Simply fill the pots with premium potting mix and sow the seeds, Soon your fresh herbs will be ready for harvest and, best of all, by watering, feeding and cutting your herbs regularly, you will promote abundant growth – which means you can pick them – and cook with them – again and again.

This herb grower is ideal for creating your own herb Discovery Garden!

Colour: White

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Type: Herb Grower

Vendor: Greenlife



  • Dimensions Assembled: 270 x 100 x 100mm


  • 1 Growing Unit - Upper
  • 1 Growing Unit - Lower
  • 2 Growing Baskets

Getting Started

Select a bright position where you want to grow your herbs that gets around 3 hours of sunlight per day. Separate the upper and lower sections and fill the lower section with water before replacing the upper section. Remove the baskets and plant your preferred seeds or seedlings in your choice of media such as potting mix, vermiculite, perlite, coco fibre or rock wool. Place the baskets back into position. The bottom of the basket will touch the top of the water in the lower tray keeping your plants moist.


Check the water level regularly and top up the lower tray through the water drop shaped hole or through the baskets. Change the water completely every 3 to 4 weeks and add a soluble fertiliser when replenishing.

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