Tumbleweed Compostable Dog Waste Bags - 60 Bag Pack

Tumbleweed Premium Dog Waste Bags are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and compostable bags for pet waste.

Made with plant-based materials to have a lower carbon footprint, you can feel good about using them to help mother nature too. 

One of the thickest bags available, Tumbleweed Waste Bags are tear-resistant, leak-proof and scented to make pet poo patrol and walks in the park a more enjoyable experience.

Each pack comes with 60 Bags (4 rolls of 15 bags), which is approximately a one-month supply. Biodegradable in composting facilities, once the dog waste bags are used place them in your green-bin or composter so they can be recycled into compost.

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Type: Composters

Vendor: Tumbleweed



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