D.T. Brown Seeds - Radish Cherry Belle - 500 Seed Pack


Botanical Name: raphanus sativus - radish cherry belle

Cherry Belle is an early cropper and a highly popular globe-shaped variety. Scarlet-skinned with a white flesh that is usually eaten raw. It has a crisp, crunchy milder flavour than other radishes and makes a great addition when sliced thinly to salads, coleslaw and relish trays. It can also be braised, sautéed, mashed, fried and added to noodle dishes.

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Type: Seeds & Seed Tape

Vendor: Mr Fothergill's


Care Advice

  • Planting Advise - Prefers full sun and a rich, well-drained soil. Pinch out growing tips at five to six leaf stage. Keep well-watered and prepare soil well. For continuity sow every two weeks and harvest approximately three to four weeks after sowing.
  • Watering needs -  Keep moist.

Key Info

  • Light Requirements - Full sun
  • Soil Requirements - Well drained soil

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