D.T. Brown Seeds - Peppermint - 1000 Seed Pack


Botanical Name: Mentha piperita - peppermint

Peppermint produces strong, dark-green leaves with a renowned, distinctive flavour that prefers damp, partly shaded areas. It's a fresh flavoured herb with many uses - most commonly infused in hot or iced tea. It can be chopped and sprinkled over salads and makes a delicious addition to refreshing, cool summery drinks. It's well-known for its potential health benefits. It's perfect for pots, smaller garden beds and plots. Pick as needed.

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Type: Seeds & Seed Tape

Vendor: Mr Fothergill's


Care Advice

  • Planting - If storing it is best to freeze peppermint rather than dry it.
  • Watering needs -  Keep moist.

Key Info

  • Growth Height - 40cm
  • Light Requirements - Shade

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