D.T. Brown Seeds - Chilli Pepper Hot - 50 Seed Pack


Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum 

Grow your own fresh and fragrant chilli peppers at home, and enjoy full flavoured dishes every day. These seeds produce delicious and hot fruits that can be easily grown in pots or as a decoration for garden edges. This plant is easy to grow, and bares chillies that are popular in pickles, sauces and curries. Protect your hands with gloves when preparing chillies and make sure that you don't touch your eyes

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Type: Seeds & Seed Tape

Vendor: Mr Fothergill's


Care Advice

  • Planting  - Sow in pots or trays of seed compost, lightly covering the seed. Maintain gentle warmth (a kitchen windowsill is suitable) and keep compost moist but not saturated. Transplant to the greenhouse in May or outdoors in a warm sheltered spot in October. Alternately grow in 8" pots. Keep plants well watered and feed regularly with liquid manure.
  • Watering needs - Keep your plant well watered.

Key Info

  • Fruiting Period - Summer, Autumn
  • Soil Requirements - Well drained soil

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