D.T. Brown - 36 Seed Raising Pellets


Using D.T. Brown Seed Raising Pellets is the easy way to start your seeds! These pellets are particularly useful for soft leaf plants.

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Type: Seeds & Seed Tape

Vendor: Mr Fothergill's



  1. Place the pellet into a watertight, shallow container with the net opening pointing upwards.
  2. Add warm water into the container until the pellet has expanded several times its original size and is a dark brown colour. Pour out any excess water.
  3. Sow a couple of seeds in each pellet according to the instructions on the seed packet.
  4. Place the container with the pellets in a light and airy position but away from midday sun, gradually exposing to more sunlight.
  5. Add water when the pellets start to turn light brown but don't over water.
  6. When seedlings are strong enough, plant the pellet and outer pellet casing into the raised garden bed, planter box or garden pot.
  7. Ensure the entire pellet is under soil level, firm down around the pellet and water well.

Contains 36 pellets

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