Tumbleweed Plastic Compost Bin - 200 Litre

The Tumbleweed 200L Flat Pack Compost Bin is perfect for a medium sized suburban backyard. This 200L Compost Bin comes flat packed which makes transport super easy and putting it together a breeze.

The 200L Compost Bin will have you on your way to composting at home in no time.

Dimension: 71.5cm x 66.5cm x 44.5cm 

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Type: Compost Bin

Vendor: Tumbleweed



  • Aerated moisture retaining technology
  • Strong, lightweight and easily portable
  • Fitted lid restricts flies from entering
  • Access door for easy compost extraction


  • Dimensions:  71.5cm x 66.5cm x 44.5cm 
  • Material: 100% recycled plastic
  • Capacity: 200L


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