Cucumber 3-in-1 Seed Pack


Botanical Name: Cucumis Sativus

3 in 1 value pack. A selection of tasty cucumbers for salads and sandwiches. 

These cucumbers have been selected to give you a full garden of cucumbers in a range of sizes and flavours. Grow them in large tubs or in the garden bed in full or filtered sun.

Crystal Apple

  • 30 seeds
  • Australian heritage variety
  • Apple sized, pale round fruits
  • Sweet and crisp flesh, no bitterness
  • Heavy cropper


  • 40 seeds
  • Australia’s favourite cucumber
  • Burpless and thin skinned variety
  • Sweet and crisp flesh, no bitterness
  • Pick at 10cm length for best flavour


  • 30 seeds
  • Very productive variety
  • High disease resistance
  • Dark green, protective skin
  • Performs well in both hot and cool weather

Type: Seeds

Vendor: Mr Fothergill's


How To Grow

Sow 12mm (½”) deep, direct in final position. Sow 4 or 5 seeds in clumps, later thinning to the two strongest seedlings. Allow 40-50cm (16-20”) between clumps. Keep well watered.

Seedlings emerge 6-10 days.

When To Plant

Spring to Summer.


8-10 weeks

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